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What program are we using for characters?

This website, actually. Simply create your character by choosing a character sheet from the dropdown menu. Please use one of the first 3. The 4th one melts our eyeballs. Sorry, it’s not as automated as PCGen. :(

Where are we playing?

A pretty cool program called Map Tool. We are using v1.3 b91. Other versions will not work! Updates are not very regular for this program, so do not worry about version mismatches in the future.


High fantasy point buy for stats, will transition into classic later on with 2 rerolls for stats. No chaotic evil characters. Strangler archtype is allowed, but with heavy restrictions (Either higher DC, or knocking unconscious rather than killing, only while enemy is flat footed.)


Money will be rolled according to your class. Go to d20pfsrd for details. You will be starting at 1st level as well. These rules apply to all campaigns unless directly specified.

Components/preparing spells?

Components will not be used. They are terrible for both the player and the DM. If you prepare a set of spells, you do not need to manually prepare them again for each day (No need to rewrite them in your character sheet or notify the party. It is the DM’s responsibility to notify a new day).

Keeping track of spells used is the player’s responsibility and does not need to be directly specified in your character sheet. Please notify us if you’re preparing a different spell, or set of spells, than the previous day. All prepared spells must be specified in your character sheet.

Hero points/Critical Failures?



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