The cooliest campagun


They just keep coming!!!

1 – We will be using hero points! If you are unfamiliar, they are basically points you can obtain through various means (levelling up, favors to the DM, etc. Maximum 3) and be used to basically metagame with no repercussion. Everyone starts with 1 at character creation.

They are completely subjective to my discretion on what they can be used for (Just about anything!). A good rule of thumb is 1 for retry with taking the new result, or 2 for guarantee. This works for just about anything except death. 3 hero points are a chance to save your life.

2 – Critical failures will exist. Rolling a natural 1 on any combat roll to land an attack (targetted spells included when applicable, probably through concentration [we’ll see]. Area of effect spells are automatic failure) will then proceed to fail.

You roll a d20 (no modifiers) to determine how hard you fail. A 20 will turn your failure into a critical failure, which can include dealing full damage to either a nearby ally or yourself. Also includes a possible chance at your weapon breaking depending on the situation. How hard you fail in accordance to how high you roll is subjective (sometimes a 15 can end up with you hitting yourself, but sometimes I like to be at least a little nice to bad luck. and just have you ditch your weapon.)

3 – Your first hero point opportunity awaits! Anyone with a backstory at the start of the campaign will be awarded a hero point! It does not have to be long. 1 or 2 good sentences should be enough. Creativity is optional, but appreciated. The longer the story, the less I have to stall to come up with new material.
[8:50:00 PM] Tyler (Tyman2007): If you have any issues or questions with what is posted, please let me know.



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